Generative AI takes predictive maintenance to the next level

05 February 2024

Siemens is releasing a new generative artificial intelligence (AI) functionality into its predictive maintenance solution – Senseye Predictive Maintenance – which is said to makepredictive maintenance more conversational and intuitive.

Senseye Predictive Maintenance uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically generate machine and maintenance worker behaviour models to direct users’ attention and expertise to where it’s needed most. Building on this, generative AI functionality is now being introduced to help customers bring existing knowledge from all of their machines and systems out and select the right course of action to help boost efficiency of maintenance workers. 
Currently, machine and maintenance data are analysed by machine learning algorithms, and the platform presents notifications to users within static, self-contained cases. With little configuration, the conversational user interface (UI) in Senseye Predictive Maintenance will bring a new level of flexibility and collaboration to the table. It facilitates a conversation between the user, AI, and maintenance experts: This interactive dialogue streamlines the decision-making process, making it more efficient and effective. 

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