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03 November 2008

GarrettCom, headquartered in Gosport, UK, has supplied hardened Ethernet switches and network management software to boost safety in a 3.7km Italian tunnel. The networking specialist’s equipment is for use with VoIP emergency telephones, designed to provide a reliable lifeline in the case of an emergency.

Italian systems integrator, Fort Fibre Ottiche, used VoIP phones from Teleindustria, deployed at 250m intervals along the tunnel. Each telephone is connected to an associated GarrettCom ES42H Ethernet switch.

For use in the tunnel, ES42H models were selected because they can operate directly off the mains power supply and offer high speed and bandwidth over single-mode network.

The switches are linked over fibre on twin ring networks, with the VoIP phones divided evenly over the two rings. Both rings connect ultimately to a GarrettCom 6K8 managed Ethernet switch which connects the VoIP phone network to an IP-PBX (internet protocol private branch exchange), and from there through a gateway to the normal public switched telephone network (PSTN).

The hardened switches ensure a high degree of operational reliability, but the ruggedness of the network itself is further enhanced through the use of GarrettCom’s S-Ring technology, delivering high-speed fault detection and correction. The S-Ring software runs on the 6K8 switch and monitors the ES42H switches on the two VoIP telephone rings, offering fast recovery in the event of a network break. Should the ring be interrupted, S-Ring acts immediately to change the ring into two topological strings, ensuring that there is a path through the two strings for all normal data traffic. Where the commonly used network recovery technologies offer recovery in around three seconds, S-Ring ensures network recovery in just 250msec.

GarrettCom says work such as this will play a key role in raising the levels of safety in tunnels, at a time when road traffic is increasing exponentially and when the potential for accidents is higher than it has ever been.

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