More air means more servo power

03 November 2008

Lenze GmbH has announced that its MCS series of synchronous servo motors has been uprated by as much as 60% by the simple addition of an axial blower.

Lenze MCS with axial blower
Lenze MCS with axial blower

The increased cooling airflow permits the continuous ratings to be increase so that the range, which previously covered from 0.5 to 51Nm rated torque (0.25 to 10kW) is increased with new models that have maximum torque to 72Nm and power to 15.8kW.

The axial blowers have not increased the motor sizes, so they provide an economical solution for high performance servo drives.

The move broadens the MCS motor range so that machine builders have a greater selection, and the motor speed and inertia can be optimally matched to the load. There are 34 models without blower (IP54 or IP65 enclosure) and a further 20 new models with blower and a protection class that remains at IP54.

Lenze claims its MCS synchronous servo motors are known for their small dimensions with a very even delivery of torque, particularly at low speeds. This is a result of the SEpT Single Element Pole Technology which creates a high density uniform field of magnetic flux. Cogging torques are virtually imperceptible. Other features include an optional electronic nameplate chip for faster drive configuration and new quick-fit connectors that need only one-eighth turn to fix.

The Lenze servo motors have brake and encoder options, and may also be ordered pre-assembled with Lenze system cables. Approvals include CE, GOST and cURus.

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