Automation solution removes the operator from machine tending

07 November 2023

Tezmaksan Robot Technologies has released CubeBOX, a range of automation solutions designed to facilitate production without operators in machine tending.

The CubeBOX systems integrate with control units and robots, irrespective of manufacturer or communication protocol, to enable the automated loading and unloading of CNC machines. 

The unit comprises a workpiece stocking area and a robotic arm, with the key differentiator being its CNC programming software, RoboCAM. 
All CubeBOX systems are integrated with RoboCAM which is said to simplify the integration process, eliminating the need for prior robot programming knowledge. Operators can upload product placements with drawing files and RoboCAM translates these into a language that the robot can understand and execute.

The CubeBOX system's primary benefit is claimed to be its uninterrupted operation. Capable of running 24 hours a day, night shift efficiency can improve by 50% compared to manual CNC tending. 

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