Complete private 5G solution made available to industry

02 October 2023

Siemens is launching a private infrastructure developed in-house for the 5G mobile communications standard. The solution is said to enable industrial companies to build their own local 5G networks that will provide optimal support for automation applications.

Axel Lorenz, CEO of Process Automation at Siemens explained that 5G is crucial for applications like mobile robots, autonomous logistics, and driverless transport systems in factories. “Siemens' private 5G infrastructure also gives users sole control over the data in their 5G network at all times, and they can custom-configure the network for their applications," he said.
Other scenarios for industrial 5G wireless technology include the integrated use of connected tablets, VR glasses, and smart tools. In addition, edge devices can be used flexibly – for example, in brownfield applications where it may be difficult to lay cables. In contrast to other wireless technologies, private 5G networks use a licensed frequency band and can therefore be operated without interference.
The 5G solution consists of a 5G core and a radio access network (RAN). The RAN includes the central unit (CU), the distributed unit (DU), and the radio units (RUs). Different 5G end-devices can connect to the 5G infrastructure and communicate in the private network. The all-in-one 5G solution is also designed for use in harsh industrial environments. 
Private 5G networks – also known as campus networks – are 5G networks restricted to a defined company premises, a defined area, or an individual building. From Siemens' point of view, private 5G networks offer many advantages for industry: Companies build them locally at their locations and can precisely modify them to meet their needs and applications. Companies also have full control over their data, because private 5G networks use their own local 5G spectrum. A private 5G infrastructure, like that offered by Siemens, is required for building a local 5G network and making the 5G signal available on the company’s premises. 
Siemens has been offering industrial 5G routers like the SCALANCE MUM853-1 and MUM856-1 for connecting robots, AGVs, and other industrial devices to a private 5G network since 2021. The routers are the final components necessary for efficient wireless connectivity in industrial environments.

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