CC-Link adopts ix Industrial as a new standard interface

18 September 2023

The CC-Link Partner Organization has added the ix Industrial Gbit Ethernet Interface Type A to its CC-Link IE TSN network communication specifications list as a new recommended standard, in addition to RJ45 and M12 X-coded solutions.

The ix Industrial is internationally standardised according to IEC-Standard 61076-3-124 and transmits Ethernet at up to 10 Gbit/sec.

CC-Link users now have a third industrial Ethernet-Interface for twisted pair cables. With its increased reliability and a device socket that's 70 % smaller than an RJ45 solution, ix Industrial is said to offer promising miniaturisation possibilities.

In addition to the standard variant, the HARTING Technology Group also offers the connector with an additional pull-out aid for very compact arrangements of several interfaces next to each other. With the new Mini PushPull-Series, the ix Industrial mating face is also available in a waterproof and dustproof version.

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