Seeq partners with Databricks to accelerate IT-OT data convergence

29 August 2023

Seeq Corporation is partnering with Databricks, a data and AI company, to simplify access to high quality asset and process data, unify IT and OT data processing and accelerate AI/ML adoption across the industrial manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and energy sectors.

This bi-directional integration will enable users to seamlessly combine contextualised time series data from industrial assets with an array of enterprise data sources to deliver more robust reporting, analytics and predictions in their business. Databricks customers can now employ Seeq’s connectivity to time series data sources and power a wide range of analytical use cases across the enterprise. Insights developed in Databricks Lakehouse Platform can be operationalised in Seeq, introducing new opportunities for process experts and data teams to deliver data-driven solutions to increase industrial productivity, improve operational reliability, enhance safety, and accelerate progress towards sustainability goals. 

For petrochemical manufacturer, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, the Seeq and Databricks integration will accelerate the company’s ability to scale data science and machine learning efforts across multiple digital initiatives involving process and laboratory data. 

Brent Railey, Chief Data & Analytics Officer of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, explained: “Seeq brings key time-series functionality that just isn’t available in other solutions. Seeq also simplifies the complexities of connecting to various types of process data sources. Databricks brings scalable, elastic data engineering and data science capabilities at an affordable price. Seeq can bring data to Databricks for complementary analytic purposes within Databricks. Databricks can serve cleansed and refined IIoT data to Seeq for self-service analytics. This partnership should make this one-two punch even more powerful!”  

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