Expanded cobot family

10 August 2023

ABB is launching two new variants of its GoFa collaborative robot. The GoFa 10 and GoFa 12 are said to offer new possibilities for companies to utilise cobot automation for enhanced efficiency.

Handling payloads of up to 10 and 12kg the cobots can undertake an expanded range of tasks in close collaboration with workers, addressing skills and labour shortages while improving safety and productivity. 

In addition to their enhanced payloads, theIP67 certified cobots are said to offer tool center point (TCP) speeds of up to 2m/sec with 0.02mm of deviation. 

Setup is made easy with lead-through programming and ABB’s Wizard easy programming software, allowing even non-specialists to quickly automate their applications by manipulating simple graphical command blocks rather than writing complex programming code. Pre-installed on the cobots’ ABB’s FlexPendant robot controller, the ABB SafeMove app features safe speed limits, standstill monitoring, and orientation supervision, enabling close collaboration between robots and factory workers without requiring bulky protective barriers or fencing.  

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