Integrated AC drive solution

13 July 2023

OMRON has released a new integrated AC drives solution which is said to offer advanced system integration capabilities, enabling machine design with enhanced flexibility, higher efficiency, and space-saving advantages.

The OMRON M1 Integrated AC Drives Solution introduces a range of features and functionalities. The solution expands the choices of motors that can be used for the drive system. Standard induction motors (IM), permanent magnet motors (PM), direct drive PM motors (up to 128 poles), and special motors such as drum motors are supported. Motor parameters can be easily adjusted using the autotuning function in OMRON’s Sysmac Studio. It offers exceptional torque capabilities with 200% torque available even at 0Hz.

Benefits of the solution include built-in support for Modbus and EtherCAT communication protocols and built-in encoder and pulse counter input with high-speed position capture through digital input for accurate motion control. Safe Stop 0 functionality, featuring Safe Torque Off (STO) capability compliant with Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3) Performance Level e (PLe).

The versatile motor control capabilities of the solution include speed control, torque control, precise position control, and master-follower function. 

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