HART multiplexer software supports Siemens controllers

30 May 2023

The HART multiplexer software smartLink SW-HT from Softing Industrial, for accessing configuration and diagnostic data, now supports ET200 remote IOs from Siemens and the FDT DTM interface.

smartLink SW-HT is a Docker container-based software application. It allows easy and fast access to HART devices connected to remote I/Os that can be reached via Ethernet, without the need for any additional hardware. 

Configuration and diagnostic data are accessed via Emerson's AMS Device Manager or other HART IP-enabled Plant Asset Management applications. smartLink SW-HT provides an Ethernet connection for tunnelling the HART commands to the remote IOs. 

On the field side, smartLink SW-HT is said to be low-risk and easy to integrate. This is even possible during operation and does not require a plant shutdown.

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