Making field termination easier

22 May 2023

Harting’s Han Push-In connection technology requires no tools at all. As a result, assembly times in the field can be reduced by up to 30%.

The new technology is said to simplify the handling of components during maintenance work in environments with limited room for manoeuvre. It is suited to applications where a high degree of flexibility is required, such as when changing tools on machines.

The connection technology behind the Han Push-In protected modules DD/E/EE/C/CC represents a refinement of cage clamp springs which are particularly well suited to field termination due to their speed and ease of use. With push-in technology, the stranded wire for the connection can be inserted directly into the contact chambers. An internal clamp spring ensures a high-strength contact. If ferrules are used, the connection can be established without tools. In the case of stripped stranded wires, all you need for installation is a screwdriver.

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