Improved sensitivity for imaging camera for compressed air leak detection

11 April 2023

Teledyne FLIR has added the Si124–LD Plus to its line of Si124 acoustic imaging cameras. This latest model provides an enhanced user interface and software features that improve the ability to pinpoint smaller air compressor leaks more quickly and accurately than ever before.

The Si124-LD Plus offers a number of enhancements to improve its utility and efficiency, including:

AutoFilter: automatically determines the best filter to use for revealing small leaks that might otherwise remain undetected, all the while speeding up inspections by eliminating unrelated background noise.

AutoDistance: automatically measures the distance to the leak for real-time, reliable, leak-rate estimates up to 5m away from the source.

Continuous Auto-Correct: improves leak detection performance to find even smaller air leaks from 0.016 l/min to 0.004 l/min (0.016 l/min = 0.00057 cfm, 0.004 l/min = 0.00014 cfm).

The Si124-LD Plus acoustic imaging camera is said to represent a step change for industrial compressed air leak inspection. The Si124 line of acoustic imaging devices has already proved to decrease inspection time 10-fold, and now with additional software features such as AutoDistance and AutoFilter with the ‘plus’ version, offer greater efficiency and the ability to detect even smaller leaks than what was once possible. 

The acoustic imaging camera also features an upgraded user interface (UI) and full integration with the FLIR Thermal Studio software for post-inspection analysis and reporting. The Si124-LD Plus also offers leak quantification both on camera and in software, allowing inspectors to better prioritize repairs and justify expenditures.

FLIR Thermal Studio allows operators to import acoustic images from the camera to the desktop software suite to edit and analyse acoustic imagery alongside multispectral imagery capture from other Teledyne FLIR inspection tools. This helps in the creation of advanced reports as part of a predictive maintenance or condition monitoring program across the visible, thermal, and acoustic spectrums. The software gives users the ability to create reports through pre-built or fully customisable templates, including multispectral image analysis in the same report or even the same page via drag-and-drop report creation functionality.

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