Ultra-compact distance measuring sensors

03 April 2023

Baumer has introduced a range of compact inductive distance measuring sensors designed to detect objects and distance within a 10mm range.

Though miniature in size (20mm x 42mm x 15mm) the IF200 Dual Channel sensors provide ultra-precise linearised measured values within a 10mm range with up to 3 micron resolution, via either IO-Link or as analogue voltage signals. 

The sensors can withstand increased ambient temperatures of up to 75ÂșC. They also they provide low temperature drift, of just 2% across the sensing range.

Depending on the model selected, ultra-precise linearised measured values with 3 micrometer resolution are provided either via IO-Link or as analog voltage signals. The fully digital variant is the most compact and cost-effective option as it removes the need for shielded cables and high-resolution A/D converter cards.

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