Expanded torque sensor range

09 March 2023

The new TorqSense SGR 510/520 torque sensors cover capacities from 0.2Nm to 1Nm, making the full range 0.2Nm to 13,000Nm.

The bigger units are designed for use in machine tools, production and processing plant, heavy duty pumps and similar large-scale installations.    

The sensors can measure and record sudden spikes in torque load. This ability is becoming increasingly important in automated machinery, integrated systems, test rigs and continuously monitored plant. The TorqSense SGR measures the torque 4,000 times per second and uses high performance signal conditioning to provide a corruption-free, high bandwidth torque monitoring solution. This is further enhanced by 250% overrange and 400% overload capabilities, elimination of side and end load errors and real time temperature compensation.

As well as analogue outputs, TorqSense SGR 520/521 is also fitted with digital outputs for interfacing with state of the art instrumentation and laptops. Options include RS232, CANbus and USB. 

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