World first virtualised substation protection and control solution?

24 January 2023

ABB is launching what it believes is the first virtualised protection and control solution, with Smart Substation Control and Protection SSC600 SW, which enables users to choose the hardware of their choice and gain access to the same protection and control functionality that they would with an ABB turnkey solution.

SSC600 SW is the virtualised version of the Smart Substation Control and Protection SS600 device. With virtualisation, one server can become many virtual machines and replace the traditional ‘one computer, one application’ model. Users can merge more functionalities onto fewer physical devices, so are able to reduce the amount of space and administration needed. 

With SSC600 SW users are no longer tied to specific hardware, allowing them to optimise their IT infrastructure. With many systems accommodated on one platform, it is possible to reduce the number and type of devices and hardware in substations. This simplifies performing maintenance activities. The inherent separation of functionality from hardware (virtualisation) allows integrated, system-wide upgrades and additional functionality, without introducing the need for new hardware. 

Further, with virtualised functionality, a substation owner can replace different kinds of old equipment with the same type of new equipment. This substantially reduces the amount of knowledge required to maintain the substation because of the smaller amount of hardware variants.

To create a robust power system protection and control solution that provides the flexibility and enhanced resiliency necessary to face increasingly complex grids, SSC600 SW supports Linux KVM and the VMware Edge Compute Stack platform featuring ESXi 7.x or later as virtualisation environments and runs on Intel Xeon Gold processors to ensure real-time performance.

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