Self-cleaning technology addresses control valve failure

17 January 2023

Self-cleaning metamorphic trim products stand to alleviate control valve failures caused by erosion from processing debris laden products, according to IMI Critical Engineering.

It has developed EroSolve Metamorphic Trim (MMT), which uses a self-cleaning design and velocity control methodology throughout the whole fluid passage, reducing the risk of damage and clogging. The trim, which is custom-designed to fit existing valve bodies and actuators, also benefits from the gradual divided pressure drops associated with cascade-style solutions, as well as reduced installation costs.

The effectiveness of the EroSolve MMT has already been demonstrated following its installation downstream of the glycol dehydration contactor of a multinational oil and gas producer in the North Sea. With the application proving challenging due to high pressure drops, very low flow, solid particles and sludges in the fluid, material was regularly collecting at the bottom of the contactor, impeding passage through the control valve.

Combined with the occurrence of slugs following a trip of the gas compression system, the valve needed cleaning on a regular basis. Employing the EroSolve MMT, the high pressure drops, and small flow rates previously hampering performance were mitigated.

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