Oil in water analyser quickly detects contamination

16 December 2022

The OIW80 Oil In Water Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) is able to detect oily water contamination quickly and accurately providing a good solution for engineers responsible for protecting water systems from oil contamination.

Oil in water is a serious issue for the petrochemical and many other process industries. Large industrial plant fuel pipe leaks, broken valve spills, storage tank ruptures can lead to contamination incidents.  

Beyond petrochemical plants, other common major industries vulnerable to oil-in-water contamination include electric power, food/beverage, electronics, pharmaceuticals and more.  

The OIW80 Oil in Water Analyzer measures oil over a wide range of 0 to 30 ppm (mg/L), and can be factory preconfigured to measure oil in multiple ranges or easily set in the field. The rugged sensor of the analyser operates over a temperature range of from 5 to 45oC to quickly detect leaks and alert plant technicians.

Designed for demanding and/or dirty plant environments, the sensor features a built-in wiper cleaning system to remove bio solids and films that might cloud its visibility. The sensor also features a built-in automatic screen window wiper, which reduces technician manual checks and the frequency of scheduled maintenance cleanings.

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