New DCS I/O offers greater flexibility

19 December 2022

Rockwell Automation has released the 5000 I/O family that offers high availability and continued evolution of its PlantPAx Distributed Control System (DCS).

The FLEXHA 5000 module helps reduce hardware complexity and cost by using a more conveniently integrated design. FLEXHA 5000 I/O modules enhance communication with 1 Gb EtherNet/IP network connectivity, offering higher speed and increased bandwidth. Reducing both downtime and engineering time while limiting costs, this platform is designed to be a smarter, more efficient I/O solution. 

In conjunction with PlantPAx, the FLEXHA 5000 I/O platform is said to allow for integrated control in Connected Enterprise production systems in three key ways – it helps customers achieve more efficient engineering time through tight integration with an instruction set in the PlantPAx system; it offers flexibility in design and maintenance, helping to optimise footprints by giving the ability to mount up to 24 I/O modules on a single node, vertically or horizontally, and in any module sequence; it also offers an available universal I/O option that allows for flexibility in I/O choice. 

Universal I/O simplifies field wiring, reduces spare module requirements and reduces maintenance time. 

In the future, the FLEXHA 5000 I/O platform will allow for integrated safety I/O and base process control I/O to be conveniently mounted in the same rack, which reduces hardware complexity and cost of the PlantPAx system.

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