Wireless operator panels constantly monitor machine health

28 November 2022

The new KeTop series of mobile and stationary panels, manufactured by KEBA Automation, aid production efficiency and reduce response times by offering instant information about machine issues.

Utilising a wireless connection box, in Machine Mode, an operator can use the wireless terminal to pair to a specific machine and interact accordingly. For maintenance and service technicians this offers relevant information, regardless of where they may be

If a problem occurs on a machine, a message is sent to all mobile operator panels available within the plant. The engineer available to respond most quickly then confirms acceptance of the job.

Staff members in the spares department will also receive the message and can immediately start preparing the required partse. When the engineer attends the breakdown, the terminal can be used to complete a report and the machine can then be handed back to production.

As a result, the number of terminals can be reduced while also improving work processes, as there is no need to plug and unplug. The wireless technology eliminates cable breakage, cable tangles and general cable damage.

In addition to enabling a rapid response to breakdowns, the panels also feature advanced wireless safety functions including a built-in emergency stop.

For added safety, the optional Effective Range Restriction inhibits operation outside a pre-defined area, when accessing the machine could be harmful to personnel and machinery. It warns the operator or triggers an emergency stop if the defined threshold is exceeded.

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