Bolt on sensor for continuous condition monitoring

21 November 2022

SICK has launched the MPB10 Multi-Physics Box condition monitoring sensor, a rugged bolt-on device designed to deliver real-time, continuous service data from industrial machines, including electric motors, pumps, fans and conveyor systems. 

This is SICK’s first dedicated condition monitoring sensor – an all-in-one device designed to make it easy to monitor and interpret vibration, shock and temperature measurement data right from the heart of machines. 

The MPB10 provides service data to enable more cost-efficient predictive maintenance practices that can improve plant availability, maximise operating life, and protect product and process quality.
The sensor measures vibration, shocks and temperature that can be the tell-tale signs of approaching machine failure. Users are provided with pre-processed and easy to interpret information that can be customised for the machine and process.
A stand-alone MPB10 can transmit data over IO-Link to a machine control or output a simple alarm-based switching signal. With wide-ranging measurement parameters it can be set up according to the type of machine to alert, for example, when values exceed pre-configured thresholds.
Users also have the option to visualise real-time and historic data from the sensor on customisable dashboards using the SICK Monitoring Box digital service. Via the Monitoring Box, operators can also receive notifications via email, or provide data for integration into cloud-based applications. 

Protected by a IP68 stainless-steel housing, the sensor also delivers consistent contact temperature data between -40°C and +80°C, even in dusty or wet environments. Ideally fixed close to the bearings, it can be mounted securely using a single M3 screw or fixed onto curved surfaces using the mounting plate supplied. Alternatively, it can be secured with epoxy glue or welded. 

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