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TLV launches reusable steam trap for process loads

20 September 2022

Steam specialist TLV Euro Engineering has launched the FJ32, a range of free-float steam traps designed for process applications including jacketed pans, heat exchangers and vulcanisers that, while adopting the universal QuickTrap® connection, can be regularly, safely and easily removed, repaired and reused.

Commenting for TLV Euro Engineering, General Manager Michael Povey says: “The new FJ32 steam traps really are exceptional! The FJ32 is a maintainable process steam trap with QuickTrap connections that, when used in conjunction with TLV’s recently-launched QuickStation™ QS10 steam trap station, can be safely isolated, the system blown down, existing trap removed and new trap installed and reopened for getting the process back up and running quickly. The FJ32 can then be maintained and put back into stock for future use.”

A reliable and durable stainless-steel steam trap for use on steam mains and process equipment, the two models in the FJ32 range – FJ32-X and FJ32-B – feature a two-bolt universal QuickTrap connector that facilitates inline steam trap replacement in either vertical or horizontal piping. This significantly reduces the time required for installation, removal, repair and maintenance; with removal of the old and installation of the new traps undertaken in a matter of minutes. This connection also allows traps to be positioned correctly regardless of pipeline configuration. 

Utilising TLV’s Free Float technology, the trap quickly adjusts to changes in the condensate load, with the three-point seating ensuring a steam tight seal even under low load conditions. The precision ground float provides an infinite number of contact surfaces with the orifice, ensuring negligible wear.

The high temperature (max. 350ºC) FJ32-B and low temperature (max. 240ºC) FJ32-X models come with different air venting methodologies to minimise start-up time. This, coupled with the maximum operating pressure of 32barG, offers a versatile trap suitable for a variety of applications.”

For further information, call TLV Euro Engineering on +44 (0)1242 227223, email sales@tlv.co.uk or visit www.tlv.co.uk

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