Victrex film feels the heat

17 September 2008

O.T.A. has ensured RFID tags withstand high temperatures, on a painting cycle of a truck manufacturing line, with a high performance film from UK headquartered Victrex.

The Brazilian identification and traceability specialist chose APTIV film, based on Victrex Peek polymer, to encapsulate the RFID tags and protect small components from the aggressive environment.

‘This is a new application for us,’ said O.T.A. director, Marcos Xavier. ‘The RFID labels encapsulated with the APTIV film performed beyond our expectations, withstanding more than 10 painting cycles. In addition, using the APTIV film allowed us to significantly reduce our costs.’

The RFID tag is a thin sensor that is 0.5mm thick. It is affixed on each truck chassis and remains there during the entire production process.

Xavier said on the painting line, the critical point is where the truck is exposed to a ‘very aggressive environment’. A material, resistant to 180°C, 200°C and 220°C, was needed.

He said the tags were exposed to each of these temperatures for one hour during the painting cycle.

‘We needed a material capable of withstanding at least five of these cycles without any imperfections that might interfere with the readability of the labels.’

Xavier continued: ‘The material had to resist the various chemicals used in the operation. For example, it could not contaminate the painting tanks by releasing particles or gases that could contaminate the process. It had to have low permeability and be able to thermally isolate the internal components.’

According to John Getz, commercial leader for APTIV films at Victrex: ‘APTIV film is extremely versatile and used in a variety of high performance automotive applications including wear resistant bearings, sensor membranes, gaskets, adhesives tapes and now RFID devices.

‘Its outstanding balance of chemical resistance, ability to withstand extreme temperatures and wear resistance, makes APTIV films a leading choice for automotive product designers.’

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