Pneumatic valve with integrated open platform communications unified architecture

06 June 2022

AVENTICS Series Advanced Valve Systems with OPC UA is a digital twin solution that solves interoperability challenges while improving productivity and efficiency.

Emerson has announced that its AVENTICS Series Advanced Valve (AV) valve system with Advanced Electronic System (AES) Profinet and Ethernet/IP is now available with preinstalled Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPC UA) functionality.

It is believed to be the only valve system to currently offer this directly integrated capability. 

The AES helps users solve interoperability challenges and access data more easily while the integration of the digital twin can improve productivity and efficiency.

A valve system with integrated OPC UA functionality simplifies communication with upper systems since data and analytics are received via the valve system and communicated directly to upper systems, no gateway is necessary unless deeper analysis or local dashboards are required. 

OPC UA functionality also expands the connected capabilities of the valve system itself, making it easier for users to digitally transform. When organisations undergo digital transformation, key protocols such as OPC UA embedded in technologies enable device monitoring and machine connectivity when sending data from a valve system to an upper system. 

The AES is simple to integrate and connect to new or existing applications and machines and provides easy access to data and analytics without changing the programmable logic controller (PLC).

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