First MID compliant energy meter

16 September 2008

Carlo Gavazzi has launched the world’s first compact three-phase energy meter with a patented multi-application detachable display and dual mounting technology.

The new EM21-72D can be used either as a basic energy meter or multifunction meter and brings both simplicity and compactness to building management systems and cost-allocation applications.

The MID compliant EM21 is quick and easy to install and occupies just 72 x 72mm on panel doors or four DIN units on the rail. The self-powered meter features Easyprog simplified programming and automatic adoption of the display to the selected application. Carlo Gavazzi’s patented detachable display - the first on the market - requires no batteries or electrical connections, simply plugging into the base unit via one of the two possible slots. The LCD gives a visual warning if incorrect phase sequence is detected.

Seven sets of three variables can be selected for display, providing for active and reactive energy measurement or a complete set of variables. Options include: system variables such as W, var, PF, Hz and phase-sequence; single-phase variables including A, VLL, VLN, PF; TRMS measurements of distorted sine waves; and energy measurements (total kWh and kvarh).

As standard, an OPTOMOSFET pulse output provides fast and easy data transmission to PCs and PLCs for energy monitoring, whilst all electrical parameters of the installation can be sent via the optional RS-485 port for integration with BMS (Building Management Systems) and other standard acquisition-monitoring systems.

Instantaneous variables are displayed as 3 x 3 digits, with energy meter readings to 6+1 digit resolution. Accuracy is ±0.5% RDG (V, A), and the meter is rated Class B according to EN50470-3 (class 1 of EN62053-21), Class 2 (kvarh) according to EN62053-23. The meter is fully compliant with the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) annexe MI-003.

Operating temperature range is from -25°C to +55°C and the front panel offers IP50 protection against dust and water ingress.

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