Robotic bottle unscrambler from POSIMAT provides a solution to constant format changes and complex designs

19 May 2022

POSIMAT, the Barcelona-based world leading producer of bottle handling systems, brings another innovation to the market with the POSIROBOT. This solution, developed with OMRON's Delta Quattro robots, provides a solution to constant format changes and the complex designs of some bottles. Its delicate handling means that this is a versatile, easy to use, highly flexible and super competitive solution.

In response to the growing demand for robotic unscramblers, POSIMAT has launched its POSIROBOT unscrambler to meet the needs of highly competitive and demanding sectors, and thus supply a robotic solution to large industrial companies in different sectors: household cleaning products (home care), cosmetics (personal care), food sector (food), motor oil companies (motor oil), pharmaceutical companies (pharma industry), and in general all companies that need a machine with this technology.  

This robotic unscrambler, POSIROBOT, offers great advantages in the positioning sector, which is increasingly critical given the complex designs of some bottles and the need for constant format changes and delicate handling.

As a world leading manufacturer of bottle handling machines with more than 40 years' experience in the packaging sector, POSIMAT has developed its own robotic unscrambler to provide a solution to clients requesting this type of equipment for their production lines. 

POSIMAT unveiled its robotic unscrambler developed with OMRON's Delta Quattro robots, Artificial Vision and Sysmac Automation Platform. OMRON is a world leader in industrial automation, focused on providing integrated, intelligent and interactive solutions that respond to current market demand in the implementation of highly efficient flexible manufacturing processes. This made it the ideal partner for this project, especially as the two companies have already collaborated on other projects over the last 15 years.

There were several compelling reasons why POSIMAT decided to explore the use of robots for this new unscrambler. These included speed (a single robot handles numerous bottles per minute and more than one robot can be used simultaneously), flexibility (a robotic system capable of handling bottles of any shape or size without the need for mechanical adjustment), and low levels of maintenance (no need for manual interference).

Innovation, experience, optimum cost and maximum efficiency have come together to present a robotic unscrambler that is distinct from other systems on the market and allow it to be marketed as a new, more technically and economically competitive system.  

In contrast to other robotic systems on the market, POSIROBOT is a more technically and economically competitive robot than other manufacturers, as it offers one of the highest yields in the positioning of containers, reaching speeds of up to 115 bottles per minute with a single robot.

POSIROBOT key features include:

INSTANT AND TOOL-FREE FORMAT CHANGES: The format can be changed quickly and instantly, without tools, using a touch screen.

MULTIFORMAT: It allows you to work with small or large containers in different geometric shapes and materials, and without making mechanical adjustments to the equipment.

HIGH SPEED: It allows you to work at high speeds, guaranteeing the stability of the containers delivered to the line at all times. More than one robot can be configured, depending on the required speed. 

COMPLEX LINES: Fast and safe handling of asymmetric containers that require orientation, for subsequent filling or labeling. Possibility of multiple modular configurations for positioning on all types of puck or godet lines, and even the possibility of working with or without pucks with the same machine.

FOOTPRINT: POSIMAT has made the POSIROBOT solution one of the smallest unscramblers on the market because of the costs associated with space in our clients' factories. Its compact nature and small size mean it is easy to transport.

SIMPLE TO OPERATE WITH ALMOST NO MAINTENANCE: Due to the simplicity of the system, and as it does not use complex mechanical systems, POSIROBOT requires virtually no maintenance or qualified personnel.

DELICATE HANDLING: POSIMAT has extensive experience in unscrambling bottles that require delicate treatment (cosmetics, PET and screen-printed containers, etc.). POSIMAT has channeled its experience into the POSIROBOT, preventing any mechanical machine parts from marking or damaging the surface of containers. 

NEW FORMATS: As it does not require tools or complex programming, the costs and timelines for introducing new formats are reduced.

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: We adapt our equipment to the particular needs of each client: remote management assistance, communication with a centralized management system, notification of alarms and other information, traceability, diagnosis, predictive maintenance, etc.

LINE STOPPAGES: No more line stoppages, the robot works constantly and continuously, guaranteeing the stability of the containers.  

To see the POSIROBOT at work CLICK HERE

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