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Sandvik CRIBWISE launches white paper to help tackle cybersecurity in machine shops

19 May 2022

Sandvik CRIBWISE, the tooling inventory management software business, has published an in-depth white paper addressing the cybersecurity concerns of machine shops that are preventing the adoption of the latest technology, including cloud-based software.

Elvira Cedergren, Head of cybersecurity at Sandvik’s Design & Planning Automation division, which includes CRIBWISE, explains how machine shop vigilance needs to start with the basics after escalating cyberattacks over the last year.

The white paper addresses cybercrime, specifically for manufacturers, and the straightforward, common-sense steps that can be taken on-site to protect machine shops of all sizes.

 Elvira says: “Supply chain attack which affected 40,000 businesses worldwide and infected over a million systems, caused a lot of disruption last year. It is a myth that criminals only target large businesses; cybercrime can affect all businesses, both large and small and it is necessary to have basic processes in place to mitigate risk.”

Elvira’s insights in the white paper, will reassure manufacturers reluctant to move to digitalisation as it outlines the questions that should be asked of vendors at the procurement phase to mitigate risk.

She adds: “It is natural for businesses to be wary about investing in cloud-based software and services that run on the Internet. After all, if you limit the exposure of your business to the Internet, you also limit your exposure to the criminals that inhabit it. You would, however, also be seriously limiting the potential of your business to grow. Systems like CRIBWISE are invaluable tools for improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. There are advantages of adopting cloud-based systems – both from security and productivity perspectives."

She concludes: “Cybercrime should be taken seriously and there are simple processes that businesses can take, on-site, to protect its machine shop. A responsible software company, like CRIBWISE, takes a great deal of pride in the levels of security it provides its customers. This white paper provides clear and practical advice that can protect CNC machines and other systems, so that manufacturers can reap the benefits while still protecting its supply chain and business.”

CRIBWISE helps manufacturers to take control of their tooling inventory and related processes. It is modular, customisable and easy to integrate for all sizes of machine shops. It helps improve productivity and machine life by reducing administrative time, hours spent searching for tools and production and maintenance delays. It also cuts unnecessary expenditure due to over-purchasing and over-stocking. 

Head of CRIBWISE, Joakim Johansson, says: “The pandemic has led to manufacturers really embracing cloud-based solutions over the last couple of years and are seeing the cost-saving benefits from reduced tooling and equipment inventory costs. Some companies have seen costs go down by as much as 20%.

He adds: “Manufacturers should be concerned about cybersecurity but by planning and understanding how to manage any potential risk, businesses should embrace new technology and cloud-based software. This will undoubtedly help businesses stay competitive in challenging times.”

To find out more about how CRIBWISE protects your data and to download the white paper visit: www.cribwise.com/resources

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