Powering SPE

09 May 2022

The T1 Industrial connector from Harting allows equipment to connect via end-to-end IP-based communications right up into the field level.

The T1 Industrial connector supplies both data and power via Power over Data Line (PoDL) across a single pair of wires in an IEC 63171-6 industrial interface, bringing Ethernet from the cloud to every sensor and enabling Industry 4.0.

The T1 offers space-saving and weight reduction benefits achieved by the move to a single pair of wires. This means that compact T1 can be easily incorporated into smaller products and Ethernet interfaces can be designed onto simple sensors, cameras, reading/ID devices or similar miniaturised equipment.

The reduction in the amount of copper wiring required allows the T1 to offer weight savings of 1.6 kg for every 100m of cable used.

For maximum flexibility, the T1 mating face can be integrated into standard housing forms as required. As the product family expands there will be interfaces in M8 and M12 housings, as well as other designs. 

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