Interface software offers improved flowmeter functionality

21 March 2022

The Atrato line of ultrasonic inline flowmeters from Titan Enterprises consists of four models operating over a flow range of 2ml per minute up to 20 litres per minute. The USB connection gives the flowmeters computer interface capability.

This enables users to directly monitor the flow rate being measured and alter the operating parameters using a PC.

This new functionality is said to offer four main benefits – the ability to connect, configure and operate multiple flowmeters on a computer simultaneously while minimising CPU usage; additional capability to run simple local and remote-control batching operations using an inbuilt relay; remote start/restart capability for long shut-down periods; and the ability to increase signal gain via the software for liquids with poor acoustic properties.

The Atrato interface software enables users to log the flow data directly via the USB. This provides a continuous picture of the flow characteristics of the system being monitored, such as flow, alarms, relay and pulse. 

The rugged, clean bore construction of Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter makes it suitable for wide range of low liquid flow applications and with no moving parts, mechanical wear is virtually eliminated.

Taking advantage of proprietary embedded signal processing software developed by Titan Enterprises, both viscous and non-viscous liquids can be routinely measured. The low flows that the flowmeter is capable of measuring vary from laminar to turbulent and are immune from viscosity. The Atrato can monitor flow over a range of 250:1. Using the USB port, users can directly connect laptop PCs to multiple flowmeters and monitor the rate and total flow while also being able to alter a selection of operating parameters.

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