Hate digital panel meters? Have a look at this

10 September 2008

Many of us don’t like digital panel meters for the same reason we won’t wear digital watches. The digital reading doesn’t give you the intuitive ‘feel’ for where the value is positioned in the range of values.


So a British panel instrument maker, Trumeter, in direct response to customer feedback, has launched a new range of panel instruments that combines the familiarity of an analogue-style curved segmented display with the precision of a numerical digital readout. Only the look is ‘old fashioned.’ They use state-of-the art LCD technology to create precise and easy-to-read displays, and they do it in a range of six display options.

Gareth Rich, Trumeter product design engineer, proudly says the development ‘represents the first significant change to panel meter design since the invention of the coil meter in the 19th century.’ Each model offers both an analogue-style, curved 40-segment bargraph display reading and a separate numerical digital readout. All meters auto-scale on connection, eliminating the need to purchase a new panel meter should the voltage range change significantly.

‘We could see all the benefits that a digital LCD display panel meter could deliver – from much improved accuracy to being able to read a meter in absolute darkness,’ says Mr. Rich. ‘But users told us they felt comfortable with a needle-style reading that identified where the reading was within the range at any one time. We therefore set about designing this new range to combine the best of the old and the new.’ www.trumeter.com

Trumeter Co. Ltd.

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