Four-axis stepper controller with high performance motion

07 February 2022

Trio Motion Technology has launched a controller for stepper or pulse and direction servo drives with high performance motion control across four axes.

The MC404-Z is aimed at those needing fast and accurate motion performance as well as a cost-optimal machine build. The all-in-one controller enables I/O extension through CANbus and can also integrate directly with common PLC and HMI protocols via a built-in Ethernet port.

The controller achieves performance motion required for applications such as cutting machines, including laser, plasma and water jet, as well as glue laying and gantry control. It is said to provide linear, circular, helical and spherical interpolation and can achieve flexible CAM shapes and linked motion. The MC404-Z also features robotic motion control with integrated kinematics for a variety of applications. Program parameters and applications can also be quickly added thanks to the onboard Micro SD card slot.

Axes have a maximum stepper output frequency of 2 MHz and a range of servo periods from 4,000 down to 125 µs. 

The MC404-Z can operate as a standalone all-in-one controller, thanks to its onboard I/O. Providing performance motion control and machine automation, MC404-Z is said to offer cost-savings when compared to using a PLC or IPC. The controller features 16 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs, as well as two registration inputs with a speed of 1 µs, plus an analogue input. If additional I/O extension is required, Trio’s CAN I/O that runs on the reliable CANbus protocol, extends digital, analogue and relay integration, with input, output and bi-directional modules. Third-party CanOpen I/O can also be integrated.

Programming the MC404-Z is via IEC 61131-3 languages, PLCopen, or Trio’s Motion-iX. Trio’s Motion-iX uses English language commands, meaning that dedicated motion programming is fast and intuitive to learn, saving significant time long-term compared to logic-based languages.

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