Partnership produces ground-breaking advanced thermal waste converter

10 January 2022

Siemens Digital Industries in the UK has teamed up with sustainable solutions provider, Xetrov Group, to boost production of its thermal waste converter, the Clean6 Vortex.

The system is receiving interest in the recycling and waste processing world thanks to its ability to process previously unrecyclable materials and its efficiency in using the exhaust heat generated by the Vortex to produce electricity, district heating and food production through hydroponics. 

The Clean6 Vortex is said to be 98% efficient on waste destruction and also requires less than half the waste compared to competing technologies to produce power. Importantly, the thermal conversion system can ‘upscale’ material that was deemed unrecyclable and only suitable for landfill.

An important feature of the system is that the pyrolysis and oxidisation processes used in the Clean6 Vortex instantly volatilises material at temperatures significantly higher than those found in standard incineration plants (1,400–1,700°C -v- 850-1,100°C) which results in increased efficiency, lower emissions and very low residue outputs. 

Siemens will supply the end-to-end solutions for producing the thermal conversion systems, including an inverter, a controller, I/O for control cabinets, process instrumentation (flow and level sensors), control products, power supplies, HMI, IOT box, Scalence managed switches and further products that are still under discussion. This integrated approach provides diagnostic benefits, such as secure remote access and opens the door for IOT connection.

Siemens’ products will be used in all four main components of the Clean6 Vortex and the entire Xetrov sustainable waste to energy solution, including the thermal conversion unit, hammer mill, boiler and potentially steam turbines.

Xetrov Group’s mission embraces the circular economy, carbon reduction, low-to-no emissions, decentralised power generation and zero landfill. The Clean6 Vortex will have a very high 98% conversion rate with only 2% residue, against the 80-90% efficiency rate of incinerators used in the industry.  

The Clean6 Vortex has exhaust emissions which are significantly lower than required by the Industrial Emissions Directive. In addition, the technology does not produce fly ash, as other incinerators normally do. Inert and partially vitrified residues are typically 2% and are certainly below many of the alternative technologies. 

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