Partnership helps set new 3D vision sensor standards

06 December 2021

SICK has released a miniature version of its Visionary-T 3D snapshot vision sensor. Thanks to a collaboration between SICK AG and Microsoft Corp, the Visionary-T Mini offers precise, high-resolution and rapid image capture in a compact and lightweight sensor.

The SICK Visionary-T Mini uses time-of-flight snapshot technology to set new standards of data accuracy for detailed environmental perception at high speed. It captures both the 3D depth and 2D intensity values of every pixel at 512 × 424 px resolution in a single shot of light, at up to 30 3D frames per second. 

High repetition rate ensures there are no blurring effects as a result of movement of the camera or the object. It is said to be suited to dynamic applications, where lower weight is an advantage, or installation space is at a premium.  

With a low-weight and no moving parts, the Visionary-T Mini offers reliable performance despite the shocks and vibrations found in applications such as robot palletising and depalletising, or when used as part of object detection, collision warning or navigation systems in automated guided carts, forklifts and mobile robots. 

Its precise data quality is said to be an advantage for 3D dimensioning and level detection duties, for example for packaging completeness checks, warehouse storage and retrieval systems, or for intelligent loading of freight trucks. 

As a programmable device, the sensor is easy to configure and commission. A user-friendly visualisation and configuration tool makes it easy to set up the device parameters and adapt the data to the specific application. A multicam mode is available to process image data from more than one Visionary-T Mini. With rapid 3D data transmission, the Visionary-T Mini is suitable for integration into most industrial applications. 

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