OEE starter kit

01 November 2021

Monitoring product throughput at various locations in a process can help identify where and when production bottlenecks appear. One of the key elements to identify the cause of a slowdown is to be able to experience it in real time. Knowing that production was lost at 2pm on the day before isn’t really helpful, as you are unable to identify what happened.

Turck Banner has developed an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) starter kit called the Production Performance Monitoring kit (PPM). The kit comprises a wireless, battery-powered sensor, a controller and a free 3-month cloud connection. The solution is aimed at first-time users, with everything included to monitor one location and receive warnings when throughput drops.

The PPM kit is a simple, cost-effective, self-contained solution. No programming is necessary and the auto dashboarding feature provides lots of actionable information with minimal user set up. Data logging is provided by the controller and the cloud is used for dashboard display and analysis.

To use the PPM kit, the wireless sensor can be mounted on a machine and left in place to count passing parts. The parts-per-minute count is then transferred wirelessly to the controller which logs and interprets the data. 

If the location shows periods where the production is slowing, alerts can be set up and when production drops below the alert level a message is sent to the person conducting the investigation. This enables them to visit the location to identify the cause of the slowdown. If the cause is not obvious, the problem may be further upstream and the sensor can be relocated and the monitoring process repeated until the fault is identified. 

Alternatively a second sensor can be added to the controller and installed at a new location upstream of the first. Comparative data is now available, making it easier to track down the source of the lost production identified by the first sensor. When the origin of the lost production has been identified and solved, the PPM kit can be used to quantify the improvement.

As production issues frequently occur at different places in a production line, and can be seasonal or develop over time, the PPM kit can easily become a permanent addition to the production line.

Up to 47 wireless sensors can be connected to a single starter kit. The controller is pre-programmed for the 47 sensors and has the capability to expand into a large scale monitoring system, which can integrate into existing local and cloud networks.

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