Router, switch and industrial computer in one unique box

05 September 2008

The new Korenix’s JetBox 9300 is the ultimate networking engine

Korenix UK has just launched a range of groundbreaking innovative networking communication devices, which combine a router, Ethernet-managed switch and industrial computer into a single compact box. The device won the 'Best Choice' Award at the recent Computex Taipei 2008 exhibition, the world’s third largest IT trade show.

With its three-in-one multiple functionality, the Korenix JetBox 9300 is a world first. The industrial computer is an Atmel 180MHz, 64MB SDRAM (128MB optional), RISC-based embedded computer. It has built-in Linux operating system, as well as VCOM, Modbus and Modbus/TCP functionality. The device is equipped with all the common communications interfaces, including five Ethernet ports, two USB 2.0 ports, two RS-232 ports, two RS-232/422/485 ports, eight digital inputs, eight digital outputs and one SD card slot.

The router is equipped with five Ethernet ports and can be used to connect at least two networks, typically two LANs (local area networks) or WANs (wide area networks), or a LAN and its ISP network.

The switch is a ‘light‘ management switch that supports SNMP (v1/v2c/v3), QoS and VLAN (802.1Q, port-based).

The JetBox is lightweight and compact, weighing in at just 700g with dimensions of 149mm (H) x 115mm (D) x 66mm (W), which means the unit can be installed in locations where space is restricted. The housing is made from a rugged aluminium alloy with IP31 protection. The device provides dual power inputs (12V-48V DC), can operate in temperatures from –20°C up to 70°C and is protected against vibration, shock and electromagnetic interference.

The JetBox 9300 can be used in a variety of applications, including industrial and factory automation environments, transportation, airports, mining & quarrying, and ancillary equipment for wind farms.

Andy Cross, business development manager at Korenix UK comments: 'Korenix has once again developed a world class product with the JetBox 9300 and has again demonstrated its ability to develop truly innovative world-first products. The density of new features and patented technology provided in the JetBox 9300 is impressive and the device is currently the only embedded computer device in the world to provide this type of three-way functionality in a single compact box. On top of all this, customers get a five-year warranty.'

The JetBox 9300 comes with a simple, intuitive user interface. For data backup, users can develop their own application to backup data onto an SD card, while the Ethernet network is down. In a typical set up, the JetBox 9300 collects data from the serial interface and passes this to the control centre through the Ethernet port. If the Ethernet link is broken, the device still collects data from the serial interface and stores it to an SD card and passes this to the control centre while the Ethernet link is recovered. Other Ethernet switches currently available on the market do not have this type of functionality.

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