Precise control valve lightens up

08 August 2021

Schubert & Salzer Control Systems has introduced what it believes is the smallest sliding gate control valve with diaphragm actuator and integrated, digital positioner on the market.

The compact, lightweight and energy-efficient type 8028 sliding gate valve is designed for use in all areas of the process industry. In addition, with a pneumatic 80mm diaphragm actuator and digital positioner, the control valve is said to be very fast, almost wear and maintenance-free as well as low-noise operation.

Its small size and a space-saving intermediate flange design makes the valve suitable for use in confined spaces. 

The sliding gate technology used in the type 8028 controls the flow in milliseconds – two slotted discs arranged vertically to the direction of flow slide over each another in a linear movement. The actuator must therefore only overcome the sliding friction between both discs. The required actuating force is 90% lower than for globe valves with the same nominal size at the same differential pressure.

Short actuator travels of between 6 to 9mm also reduce the wear from the packing and drive of the control valve. Even when difficult media get stuck to the piston rod, the tightness remains permanently unimpaired because the piston rod barely moves into the packing. For the actuator diaphragm too, the short stroke and low control pressures mean much lower stress and hence a long service life with many million switch cycles.

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