App Store offers efficient distribution of industrial apps

07 June 2021

The Industrial App Store is an online shop window and secure data access portal that allows anyone to provide a service that requires secure access to their client’s process data. This data stays on the clients network so there is no need to copy, upload, or duplicate data in the cloud, which means no additional storage costs or transport fees.

This Industrial App Store, which removes the difficulties normally associated with connectivity and data security, is open to anyone wanting to develop and sell an industrial app over the Internet. 

app developers retain and host their own apps, so do not have to disclose the domain knowledge contained within the app, which protects them from cloning or hacking their IP. 

The solution is said to offer an n even playing field, where app developers can compete to gain market share from a growing number of active Industrial App Store users.
Industrial App Store manages access to client data and only allows apps to request the data for which they have been given the necessary privileges to obtain. The data request from an authorised app is routed to the client’s data historian by the Industrial App Store and passes the data back to the app.
Examples of what’s available on include apps to track valve movements, monitor controllers, measure alarm performance against industry standards and guidance, trend data using PCP and Calm Waters visualisations, and the very popular Power Platform connector that allows process data to be visualised in Power BI, acted on using Power Automate and accessed using Power Apps.

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