Survey reveals continued need for education about the benefits of robotic automation

01 June 2021

A recent survey of 250 UK manufacturers carried out on behalf of ABB Robotics has revealed that a lack of experience in implementing and using robots is preventing many companies from investing in robotic automation.

Of the 108 companies that are not currently using robots, 62% gave lack of experience and knowledge about robotic automation as their main reason for deferring an investment in robotic automation.

“The survey reveals the need for more to be done to educate manufacturers both about the case for investing in robots and the developments that have taken place in robotic technology that have made robots much easier to user and look after,” said Julian Ware, UK & Ireland sales manager for ABB’s UK Robotics business. “Developments in the areas of collaborative robots and simplified programming especially are helping to open new possibilities for companies that have never used robots before to find new ways to improve their productivity and competitiveness. 

“There is real evidence to show that an investment in a robot can often be recouped within just 12 to 18 months. Coupled with the ready availability of training and support services from many robot suppliers and their partners, companies in the UK have a great opportunity to enjoy the very real advantages of introducing robotic automation to their processes.”

The report also highlights the impact of the Covid-19 on convincing companies to make a switch to robotic automation. Asked whether the pandemic had affected their businesses, 91% replied yes, with 72% stating that they were likely to make an investment in robotic automation in the near future.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the need for companies to be better prepared for events that can potentially disrupt their operations,” said Ware. “With the ability to minimise disruption caused by issues such as lockdowns and social distancing, robots can be used to help ensure greater certainty and maintain output, enabling production and distribution lines to continue running.” 

To help companies to assess the scope for introducing robotic automation into their processes, ABB can offer a Productivity & Efficiency Appraisal service. For more details email:

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