Compact 2D vision camera with deep learning

18 May 2021

SICK has introduced a vision camera with a pre-installed deep learning App to simplify the creation of customised quality inspections of complex or irregular-shaped goods, packaging and assemblies.

The App runs on the Inspector P621 2D programmable vision camera and it enables users to set up vision classifications using artificial intelligence in a fraction of the time and cost it would take to programme challenging inspections based on recognising the pre-set rules and patterns of traditional vision systems. 

Using the SICK Inspector 621’s in-built image capture tool, users begin by collecting example images of their product in realistic production conditions. Guided step-by-step through the graphic interface, the system prompts users to sort the images into classes. Using SICK’s dStudio service, the pre-sorted images are uploaded to the Cloud where the image training process is completed by the neural network. The user can then apply further production images to evaluate and adjust the system.  

Once the user is satisfied, the custom-trained deep learning solution is downloaded to the camera where it can begin to take decisions automatically with no further Cloud connection necessary. Results are output to the control system as sensor values and digital I/O.

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