ADLINK becomes a Senseye-Ready partner to reduce machine downtimes

06 April 2021

ADLINK Technology has joined the Senseye-Ready ecosystem which enables it to offer predictive maintenance solutions supported by the Senseye ROI Lock guarantee.

The move is said to allow manufacturing, maintenance and operations managers to implement predictive maintenance with the confidence that they will get a minimum 100% return on their software investment. 

Through the Senseye Ready program, ADLINK edge AI platforms pair with Senseye PdM software, which tracks machine health and alerts users of potential machine failures before they occur, to ensure the predictive maintenance experience will work out-of-the-box. 

Based on previous deployments, the combined solution requires an initial setup and learning period of just five days and less than one hour for training on the Senseye application. 

“Joining the Senseye-Ready Partner ecosystem is part of ADLINK’s commitment to making factories smarter,” said Daniel Collins, director of IoT solutions and technology, ADLINK. “Our offerings support data acquisition and analysis from many different types of manufacturing assets, enabling predictive maintenance capabilities across fleets and factories to yield higher productivity and reduce losses due to machine downtime.” 

ADLINK’s range of rugged machine condition monitoring (MCM) devices are pre-configured with its Edge IoT software, allowing the aggregation of asset performance data from multiple sensors at the edge on the factory floor. This data is streamed in real-time to Senseye’s cloud-based platform for immediate and historical analysis, to identify unusual operating performance metrics and alert maintenance managers to take action to prevent costly equipment shutdowns. 

The Senseye Ready Partner program ensures testing and verification of ADLINK’s edge AI platforms and Senseye’s predictive maintenance cloud-based software. The Senseye ROI Lock initiative provides customers with a full refund if the savings achieved by avoiding unplanned downtime do not exceed the cost of subscribing to Senseye’s predictive maintenance solution, Senseye PdM. The Senseye-Ready Partner ecosystem is proven to show significant reductions in unplanned downtime and reduced maintenance costs of up to 40%.

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