Free Instant Guide provides starting step for improved energy management

19 August 2008

Companies facing spiralling energy bills can now take advantage of ABB’s latest Instant Guide.

Featuring a wealth of handy hints and tips, The Instant Guide to managing energy in steam boiler and burner applications provides an ideal point of reference for any company looking to identify ways in which they can reduce their energy consumption.

The Carbon Trust estimates that companies could achieve savings of anywhere between 5 per cent to more than 30 per cent simply by becoming more energy efficient. As a key point of energy consumption, production and distribution, a site’s steam system often provides an ideal starting point for potential site-wide energy savings.

The guide focuses on key points throughout the combustion and distribution process to show the various ways in which modern instrumentation can be deployed to help maximise steam system efficiency. As well as conventional monitoring and targeting methods using flow meter technology at the point of use, the guide also looks at other ways of optimising steam system efficiency, such as by measuring flue gas emissions and monitoring chemical reactions in the boiler itself.

As well as descriptions of the various instruments available, the guide contains key terms hyperlinked to additional sources of information on various aspects of energy management.

Examples are also included of installations where ABB’s instruments are being used in energy management programmes, with information on the key benefits being delivered by the equipment.

The free pdf guide is available on request. For a copy, please email ref: ‘Energy Management’ or call 0870 600 6122.

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