World’s first industrial 5G router and starter kit?

16 March 2021

HMS Networks has released what it believes to be the first commercially available industrial 5G router optimised for industrial private networks.

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The Wireless Router 5G supports Ericsson Industry Connect 5G networks and allows users to get started with 5G in their own location. HMS also offers a ready-made starter kit for test and evaluation of typical industrial use cases.
The Wireless Router 5G allows early adopters of 5G to try out the new technology. With 5G in a factory, users will benefit from a wireless network which is fit for industrial demands in terms of communication speeds and security – along with all the flexibility that comes with wireless. The system has been tested with the Ericsson Industry Connect 5G solution in standalone (SA) operation using band n78. It enables users to create a robust cellular connection in an industrial production environment. 

Supporting 4G and 5G cellular technology, it is an ideal communication solution for automated guided vehicles, AGVs, and other industrial machines.

The Starter kit includes the Wireless Router 5G and two industrial IO-Link sensors sending data across the 5G network. This allows users to try out 5G in their own facilities without having to set up applications from scratch.

Data from the sensors can be accessed using the Modbus TCP and MQTT protocols as well as in JSON format. There is also a web-based demo ready to show the sensor data across the 5G network in a regular browser.

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