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5 tips for easing the remote workforce transition

15 February 2021

Find out how you can leverage cloud technologies to connect people to the information they need to get their jobs done, wherever they are located.

With the rise of remote working, your teams must be empowered to make agile decisions and transform operations with quick access to actionable information. Watch this on-demand webinar with AVEVA and Microsoft to learn how to keep your operations running safely with cloud and AI.

Read our tips for easing the remote workforce transition:

Collaborate in the cloud
Operational information is usually locked in siloed control systems, disrupting communication between teams. This results in slow responses to crisis situations, risks to safe operations, increased downtime, and production losses. A shared cloud environment can be rapidly implemented with AVEVA Insight and Microsoft Azure, delivering access to operations data, and empowering your teams to collaborate in real-time and work more efficiently.

Deploy data-based alerts and predictive analytics
Assets generate a lot of data, but it’s hard to interpret and respond effectively to what equipment data is saying. Data-based alerts and predictive analytics can be quickly deployed in the cloud with AVEVA Insight, on Microsoft Azure, to monitor asset health and performance easily, eliminating the need to write complex algorithms. These capabilities leverage AI in the cloud to learn from historical data and detect anomalies prematurely, providing early warnings of equipment issues to prevent failures, and improve the overall performance of your assets.

Close the knowledge gap
Knowledge attrition has become a critical issue as skilled workers leave companies or retire, taking tribal knowledge with them. AVEVA Asset libraries solves the knowledge gap, providing validated remediations to known failure causes. This enables your teams to solve issues faster, minimize unplanned downtime, and increase safety.

Use real-time performance monitoring
Operations personnel spend several hours making adjustments in response to changing raw materials, and often lose productivity because they are unable to identify the root cause of declining Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). AVEVA Insight provides continuous OEE monitoring of production lines in real time to help your personnel determine line bottlenecks with equipment efficiency tracking and improve operating efficiencies that result in reduced costs and increased return on assets (ROA).

Stop working in data silos
Data silos hinder the ability to correlate information and understand operational performance in relation to the objectives of the business. AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway provides self-service operational data combined with business data, empowering operational stakeholders to identify opportunities for improvement, reduce operational costs, and increase throughput and quality.

AVEVA is a global leader in engineering and industrial software driving digital transformation across the entire asset and operations life cycle of capital-intensive industries.  The company’s engineering, planning and operations, asset performance, and monitoring and control solutions deliver proven results to over 16,000 customers across the globe. Its customers are supported by the largest industrial software ecosystem, including 4,200 partners and 5,700 certified developers. AVEVA is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with over 4,400 employees at 80 locations in over 40 countries.

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