Inspection solution for complex piping

01 February 2021

The interior of pipelines that carry hazardous material often need to be inspected for corrosion and other defects using videoscopes. However, long, complex piping can be especially difficult to navigate and inspect due to multiple bends in the pipework and potential obstructions.

Olympus believes it can offer a solution to this problem with the IPLEX GAir long videoscope, which is said to combine maneuverability with wide-viewing images to enable fast and accurate long-distance inspections of complex pipe systems. 

To quickly reach the inspection target the guide head of the videoscope enables it to slide easily through pipe joints while pneumatic articulation provides fine control, even when the 30m insertion tube is fully extended. To enable easy inspection, a gravity sensor automatically rotates the onscreen image, regardless of the scope’s orientation, while the insertion length indicator tracks how far the videoscope has been extended.

The chosen image sensor, ultra-bright LED illumination and image processing software help to ensure clear wide-view images to enable users to see more in a single view. For an even wider view, an optional 220° fish-eye optical tip adaptor is available to show both the pipe’s side wall and forward view at the same time.

For dangerous or hazardous inspections, such as inside nuclear power plants, it is possible to set up the videoscope and control it remotely from a safe location, up to 100m. The videoscope’s touch screen can be detached from the main unit and positioned up to 5m away, while wireless capabilities makes it easy to share screen images.

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