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AVEVA Teamwork Empowers Workers to Learn, Solve Problems and Share Knowledge

12 January 2021

AVEVA Teamwork is a cloud-based performance support application designed to empower industrial organizational workers to learn, solve problems and share knowledge from their daily routines. It combines digital content, skills management, and communication features into a single, worker-centric application to support the unique needs of the plant floor.

Many manufacturing organizations are faced with challenges associated with increasingly complex equipment, inconsistent performance between shifts and plants, employee turnover and retiring workforce. Some of the most pressing questions concerning plant floor operations therefore are: How can your organization accelerate the time to performance of your new and existing frontline workers? How can you make it easier for your entire workforce to continuously develop new skills and learn from one another? 

In order to solve the skills and information gap on the plant floor, AVEVA Teamwork brings knowledge sharing and collaboration to the connected worker. The application uses video, imagery, documentation and participation through a social media-like activity feed to get frontline workers the information they need to do their jobs effectively. The result is a continuously updated knowledge base of best practices and training content, automatically shared with the workers who need them, across shifts and global operations. Organizations can also leverage their greater operations and digital transformation strategy to trigger actions and share information with HMI/SCADA, MES, CMMS and more.

The cloud-service can be accessed both through a mobile app and a website. Frontline workers can, for example, use tablets to scan QR codes strategically placed throughout the plant in order to gain instant access to standard work instructions, trouble-shooting solutions, or equipment KPIs.

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