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Quality control system is ready to go out of the box

14 December 2020

The new Modular Quality Control System (MQSD) is an off-the-shelf, multifunctional machine vision system from SICK which is delivered as a ready-to-use package of hardware and pre-written software.

Said to be suitable for code reading, 2D or 3D inspection duties, the MQCS reduces cost and development time needed to set up automated quality inspection and logistics applications.

Originally, developed as a solution for non-contact 3D inspection of chocolate moulds in the confectionery industry, the MQCS was quickly adapted for other applications such as right product/right packaging code matching, counting and aggregation of varied packages, monitoring the cycle life of materials handling equipment, and other 3D inspection and measurement tasks.

The MQCS comes as a complete system with pre-written software, control cabinet with touch-screen HMI, and a SICK application controller, which can be combined with SICK vision sensors. With a PLC interface module for real-time processing of sensor outputs, and a network switch, it offers a good solution to configure even complex 2D and 3D image processing into production controls. 

Along with the basic software modules, additional application plug-ins enable specific machine vision tasks such as pattern matching, shape evaluation, counting, OCR verification or quality inspection to be easily configured via the simple set-up. 

System data is automatically logged and viewed via the HMI touch screen on the control panel supplier, or a web server. The system’s digital outputs enable users to set up alerts and alarms to monitor process quality and efficiency. 

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