Maintaining inspection systems to minimise downtime

11 December 2020

Find out how one company can offer the tools that help ensure a proactive approach to inspection equipment maintenance, reducing the risk of unexpected downtimes.

If product inspection systems are not working properly, productivity will be affected. The loss of one piece of machinery can bring production to a halt, resulting in a significant impact on an organisation’s profitability, productivity and, ultimately, the bottom-line.

The most common reason for system downtime is mechanical failure of components as well as moving parts such as conveyor belts due to the amount of wear and tear that they endure.

In a bid to alleviate this problem, QSS has designed software sensors that provide frequent, reliable monitoring and deliver measurable improvements in the performance and efficiency of a production line. We are told that this new offering provides a total systems analysis that supports predictive and preventative maintenance on key equipment.

Getting it right
The key to getting such a solution right is to focus on how production lines are being run and how efficient they are – this helps identify and prepare for any issues that need to be addressed before problems develop and become more significant. With this information it is possible to figure out the meantime failure rate for all components and factor in when problems are likely to arise including changes of spare parts. Using this information, it is then possible for QSS to design the sensors and adapt the software so that it is unique to the requirements of each application. The positioned sensors will then be able to detect when components are likely to reach the end of their life cycle, ultimately ensuring that the machine is running at maximum efficiency.  

The system sensor software can then link to a customer relationship management (CRM) system to help identify a pattern of scheduled component replacement for each piece of equipment enabling users to predict and prevent breakdowns by managing critical repairs at times when production pressure is at its lowest.

It is important that every manufacturer has a system for monitoring the condition of its product inspection equipment and QSS can do that as part of its system sensor software offering. It keeps a record of all the essential information and minor performance issues that the sensors reveal. Keeping a record like this makes tracking equipment’s performance and condition a much simpler task. QSS  can then provide reports on a regular basis, highlighting whether any trends indicate a particular piece of equipment is starting to fail.

All QSS system sensor software will include remote service support, which will allow its engineers to perform essential maintenance remotely, while the production line is still in operation. 

Setting up a preventative maintenance plan is taking a proactive approach to maintenance, which will help to extend the overall life of equipment, boost productivity and minimise wear and tear on machines. It allows potential performance issues within product inspection system mechanisms to be identified before they become a problem, minimising the likelihood of a breakdown. All of this reduces maintenance requirements and minimises downtime, while ensuring productivity is at a maximum. 

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