Flammable gas detection: the next generation

06 December 2020

Crowcon Detection Instruments has introduced what it believes to be the world’s first fixed detector which includes a Molecular Property Spectrometer (MPS) sensor. 

The Nevada Nanotech MPS sensor has been added to the Xgard Bright fixed gas monitor. The MPS sensors can detect up to 15 flammable gases at once, quickly and to a high degree of accuracy. 

Until recently, anyone who needed to monitor flammable gases had to select either a traditional flame sensor detector with a pellistor calibrated for a specific gas (and multiple pellistors in multi-species environments), or an improved capability sensor using infra-red (IR) which also requires a separate sensor to be calibrated for each gas. 

The MPS sensor is able to detect multiple gases simultaneously with no need for in-field calibration and so can quickly inform suser how close the ambient gas levels are to the lower explosive limit (LEL). This is referred to as the ‘True LEL’ reading.

The sensors cannot be poisoned and require no calibration or bump testing throughout their lifespan, which generally exceeds five years. They are self-monitoring and will automatically alert the user to any malfunction. That spares users the cost of labour, peripherals and downtime, and means that workers no longer enter hazardous areas to check on the gas detectors. 

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