Mitsubishi’s Development Team

11 August 2008

Six engineering leaders involved in the development process at Mitsubishi’s Factory Automation headquarters in Nagoya, Japan met together recently to discuss how their new creation came into existence.

H Morita (left) K Saito (right)
H Morita (left) K Saito (right)

In the article below, we give you a brief overview of the backgrounds of each of these engineers.

Control Engineering Europe presents an informal discussion of Mitsubishi’s development engineers as they talk about the iQ platform. To go to the discussion CLICK HERE

KUMIO SAITO (top right)

Development Division, Controller Planning Group Manager

Has worked on NC development, motion controller development, and high speed control servo system development before working on iQ Platform compatible controller development.


Headquarters, FA System Business Division, Engineering Section Manager

(Was FA System Division, FA Basic System Development Section Manager during development)

He has worked tirelessly for 19 years, at Nagoya Works, on the design and development of the basic sequencer CPU. Having worked so long and hard on the sequencer board, he is the happiest of all to see it mature into the iQ Platform. Currently he works at headquarters to oversee the entire engineering sector of the FA system business.

H Kaneko (left) M Nishimura (right)
H Kaneko (left) M Nishimura (right)

MAKOTO NISHIMURA (middle right)

Drive System Division, Drive System Engineering Third Section Manager

After joining the company, he handled electric design on the automation line for the Production Equipment Division (Production Engineering). Thereafter, he handled positioning units and motion controller software development, and now he works on motion controller development. He has experience using FA products from breakers to sequencers, NC, and robots.

HIKARU KANEKO (middle left)

Chief of NC System Division

Has worked in NC quality control, hardware development, NC internal sequencer design, NC sales technology and currently works at NC headquarters to oversee the iQ Platform compatible controller development while also handling sales technology, mainly in Taiwan.


Drive System Division, Robot Development Section Manager

T Kobayashi (left) H Shimizu (right)
T Kobayashi (left) H Shimizu (right)

Worked in specialised equipment design, and semiconductor manufacturing devices design and development,

before working in production robot design and development.

HIROYUKI SHIMIZU (lower right)

HMI System Department, HMI Development Second Section Manager

Worked in intellectual information processing system research and development and on the development of plant monitoring control man/machine systems, multimedia application systems for manufacturing, image information systems, and currently works on developing programmable displays (HMI).

The September 2008 issue of Control Engineering Europe, has an article beginning on page 8, “Mitsubishi puts four controllers on a single platform.” The story discusses Mitsubishi Electric’s new iQ platform, which combines four different controller types—the PLC (programmable controller), CNC (computer numerical control, used for automated machine tools), motion control, and robot control. To view this news story online, CLICK HERE.

For readers who want more specialised in-depth information about the iQ Platform from an engineer’s perspective, CE-E has put together this section that describes the positioning of the iQ Platform, its technical overview, and the specifications and characteristics of the compatible products. To go to the technical article CLICK HERE

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