Wifi-free communication reduces automated handling risks

23 November 2020

Most robotic conveyor transport solutions rely on wifi communication for their operation, any instability in the connection can cause operational inefficiency. RARUK Automation believes it can now offer a solution, as part of its range of MiR autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

Developed by ROEQ, GuardCom uses proven sensor-based technology innovatively to remove the robot’s reliance on wifi.  

GuardCom connects directly with any model of ROEQ top roller modules from RARUK Automation and to the stationary conveyor station. It enables safe, fast, reliable and cost-effective handling and transfer of goods between conveyor stations.  

Because communication is directly between GuardCom and the top rollers, no complicated implementation procedure or third-party system is required.  

The basic system comprises of GuardCom and GuardCom Connect which are affixed to the stationary conveyor station and the top roller unit respectively. A minimum complete solution would require two GuardCom and one GuardCom Connect which would enable the AMR to receive goods from destination A and deliver them to destination B.

Additionally, GuardCom safeguards against misplaced or dangling goods, by allowing the user to either programme the system to set off an alarm to alert a human operator to remedy the problem or set the rollers to roll back automatically.  A physical guard is also provided to stop goods falling off the conveyor station accidentally.

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