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Collaborative information server

02 November 2020

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has developed Collaborative Information Server (CI Server) as part of its OpreX Control and Safety System family.

The solution will integrate the handling of data from plant facilities and systems to enable the optimised management of production activities across an entire enterprise and will provide the environment needed to remotely monitor and control operations from any location. By reducing the need for travel, this also helps to lessen the risk of infection with Covid-19.

The solution automatically aggregates the data that has been acquired from plant facilities and systems so that personnel in any location can monitor and operate them and have access to all the information needed to make swift and effective decisions.
Plants operate most effectively when there is full collaboration between plant operators, experts in areas such as maintenance and quality management, and decision makers at headquarters, as well as with other plants. CI Server provides a remote operation environment that supports wide-area communications and allows plant operations to be monitored and controlled from remote locations. It can be used from any PC or mobile device with a web browser to monitor and control operations. 
The CI Server supports a range of communications protocols, and in addition to acquiring process data from control systems, it can also aggregate data such as the operational status of facilities and equipment, raw material and finished product inventory, and energy consumption. Data on equipment maintenance, product quality, and other items are all gathered automatically in real time, converted to a unified format, and linked and associated. 

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